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Signature Experiences

For details, costs and bookings* please drop me an email or send a message on W/A

Half Day: 4 Hours

Full Day: 8 Hours

Private tours up to 4 persons

Group tours 5 - 50 persons

* All tours are executed with Tourist Partners registered in UAE

Available in English, French, Russian & Ukrainian languages 

Dubai Pick-up & Drop-off

Image by Rumman Amin

Abu Dhabi Architectural Tour

Abu Dhabi

From the first tribal settlements   till the latest eco-friendly contemporary design, this exceptional historical tour will bring you on a time-travel journey through the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. You will get to known the real history of how the city was shaped.

Tea with Dates

Culinary Experience & Bedouin Etiquette 

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Let me introduce you to the heart of tribal hospitality by taking you for a traditional dinner, where you would learn  the history of Arabic cuisine, taste traditional Bedouin food and train your Emirati etiquette skills in the most authentic way! 


Mystery & Narratives

UAE & Oman

Forgotten stories of local folklore, secrets of Arabic magic and Bedouin legends. Discover the other side of the culture.

Image by Rumman Amin

Discover the country's  treasures by looking into the history of Bedouin jewellery and Arabic perfumes. Build strong memories of  places by adding unforgettable scents and shine.


Scents & Jewelry

UAE & Oman

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