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About Me

Member of SIETAR France & SIETAR Europe, Accredited International Journalist, TV Guest-Speaker

Having been born in Ukraine and raised in France, I have established my professional presence between Paris and Dubai.


My journey in working with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region commenced in 2009 when I assumed the role of an International Media Coordinator. Whether it involves crafting public relations solutions, conducting cross-cultural training, or providing consultancy services, my unwavering focus is on cultivating efficient and successful communication across diverse cultural landscapes.

I am dedicated to collaborating with you to develop a tailored action plan for yourself or your organization. This plan will empower you to forge robust and effective communication channels with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, I am committed to honing your and your team's intercultural competencies, enabling you to establish a credible professional presence within new cultural contexts.

Whether you are embarking on a new venture in Europe or the UAE, seeking guidance for expanding your business, or simply require timely insights on matters of significance, no concern is too big or too small. I am your trusted resource. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me today to arrange a meeting and gain a deeper understanding of how I can contribute to your success.


  • Masters in Philosophy & Arts (France)

  • BTEC Higher National Diploma in International Commerce (France)

  • Certified in Psychology of Communication, HSE University (Higher School of Economics, Russia)

  • Certified in Intercultural Management, ESCP Business School

  • National Diploma in Translation French - Russian 

  • Introduction to TV Presenting BBC & Thompson Foundation 


- HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahayan Culture and Media Center

- Emirates Culture magazine 

- UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth

- GCC Film Festival

- Alliance Francaise Abu Dhabi

- Motion Events and Marketing - Dubai

- Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival

- Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage

- DEBIT-E (petrochemical industry)

- AMARO (textile industry)

- RIT Lithuania (banking and investment, European and Dubai branches)

- Abu Dhabi Film Festival

- Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

- Media Labs

- Barr Bahr Jaw magazine

-- Middle East Business magazine

- Nation Branding Communication 

- Director of content for publication in Le Monde, Le Point, Le Nouvel Economiste 


- Official Delegation of Ukraine to Dubai Design Week 2021

- Video Production (advertising, TV and Film industries) 

- Private clientele 

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