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4 Weeks


2 to 3 times per week

Total of 20 Hours

Result-driven Assignments 

Online and in-person

Customized Approach 

Addressing your Needs

4 Weeks Training Program 
"Understanding Emiratis"

Developed for those who work on their success in the UAE, this Signature Training program aims to prepare you for the opportunities the country offers, to develop your intercultural competencies, communication skills, strong confidence and efficiency within a new cultural environment. 


You will learn on
Professional level

You will learn on
Personal level

You will also  get to know

  • How to conduct meetings, negotiation process or any kind of business dialogue with Emiratis, GCC-nationals and other nationalities working in UAE.

  • How to pass a job interview, network and meet the right people.

  • Bedouin etiquette, protocol and codes of conducts that shape the regional behavior on all levels.

  • What skills to develop while building career in the UAE.

  • Where and how to look for an employment.

  • Differences between informal and formal communication.

  • Corporate and state hierarchy.

  • How to present yourself with confidence and ease so you would always make a good impression on Emirati co-workers, partners and interlocuters.

  • How to make your reputation work for you, so you would never make any cultural "faux-pas".

  • How to deal with VIP and Royalties, international standard protocol and business etiquette.

  • How to feel confident as a women in the Middle East, and develop strong business reputation.

  • How to recreate your Personal Brand within the new cultural context, and make it work for you.

  • How to use PR for your personal and professional development.

  • How to organize your relocation to the UAE or Europe.

  • How to cultivate tolerance, work on your communication skills and to get understood by others.

  • How to manage the cultural shock stages and go through cresses. 

  • How to plan your success on personal and professional levels in a new country.

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